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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Xiaomi Mi5 review, features & information in hindi - Read special features, shortcomings and features of Shaomi Mi5 in detail

Xiaomi Mi5 review, features & information in hindi - Read special features, shortcomings and features of Shaomi Mi5 in detail

Xiaomi Mi5 review, features & information in hindi - Read special features, shortcomings and features of Shaomi Mi5 in detail
Rivew King

Xiaomi has kept its hold with many new models competing in the market, today we are going to discuss another model of China's manufacturer, Shaomi Mi5. Before putting a high-budget phone in your pocket, it is important to know all its features and shortcomings. What is such a specialty, due to which you should buy this model by spending so much money and due to its deficiencies, it can damage you. Let's learn about Xiaomi Mi5

With a weight of 129 grams, this phone is designed with a great display of 5.15 inch display screen which is quite light. It is very convenient to put in pocket and carry this model made of 3D glass body. With fingerprint sensor you are being given the facility of home button which is the specialty of this phone. The display of Xiaomi Mi5 is very bright, so you can have a good experience while watching a picture or video. In this dual sim phone you will find 3G and 4G support.

Other special features about Shaomi Mi5 (Important features of Xiaomi Mi5)


A primary camera of 16 mega pixels is being provided with flash in Xiaomi Mi5. There is a 4 mega pixel camera for selfie, which is not flashy. Full HD recording can be done with 1080 × 1920 resolution.

RAM and storage of Xiaomi Mi5

32 GB internal storage is available with 3 GB RAM in Xiaomi Mi5. There is less memory in comparison to other phones in this category which can not be expanded.

Battery and power backup

3000mAh battery has been used in Shaomi Mi5, which can stay in standby mode for one day. If the phone is kept in Power Saver mode, this phone's battery lasts for 2 days.

Software (About software)

Android 6.0 has been used in Shaomi Mi5. Which runs with the help of 1.3GHz quad-core processor.

Characteristics of Shaomi Mi5 (Pros of Xiaomi Mi5)

Xiaomi Mi5 has a 5.15 inch bright display screen on which you can enjoy the video with the best picture quality.

The Home button has a fingerprint sensor which is capable of working very fast.

Xiaomi Mi5 is a lightweight phone which is a special thing to do. Along with the same design has been worked well on external design. Its look can be a good branded smartphone.

The camera of this phone is useful for better clicks.

Discrepancies of Chaomi Mi5 (Cons of Xiaomi Mi5)

The biggest draw for Shaomi Mi5 is its budget. There are many good options in the market compared to this phone starting from 24 thousand.

Its storage is believed to be the second biggest draw of Shaomi Mi5. In this expensive model such low storage can be responsible for its decrease in sales.

Its internal storage is only 32 GB and there is no slot for the SD card.

3000 mAh battery can help you keep your phone ONLY for one day. It goes 2 days on power saver mode, which is very less according to the current need.

When purchasing Shaomi Mi5, you do not have the headphones in its package, for which you have to spend money separately.

The quality of the sound speaker is not very good for listening to music because it uses mono speakers which is unable to provide better sound without headphones.

On the online sales sites, its negative reviews are more and complaints of heating of the phone are also being seen in general.


Starting with the range of 23 thousand, you get three variants of this phone. Which come in black white and gold color. According to the exterior look, it gives the look of a primary brand which is quite light and convenient, and in this budget you also get a large display screen which can satisfy the picture quality. But if you use the phone more often, its battery can cheat you repeatedly. But in this budget, so many features have been coming together, this is also a special feature because it is also a difficult thing to get a smartphone in this range with so many features. If you have no avoiding its battery backup, then you can make this phone your own.

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