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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Best refrigerator single door in india - Excellent single door refrigerator, freeze review in Hindi

Best refrigerator single door in india - Excellent single door refrigerator, freeze review in English.

Best refrigerator single door in india - Excellent single door refrigerator, freeze review in English
Rivew King

Today the refrigerator does not need to be in the house, whether you are alone or with the family, but in today's time freeze has become a common need. If you are planning to buy a fridge for yourself, then it is important to get some important information here that will help you when buying a fridge. If your family is small or you do not need a big refrigerator, then surely you are looking for a single door refrigerator. With enough space in it you can cater to your needs. These are the reviews of some special Door Refrigerators

LG GL-B 201 AMLN - In refrigerator review (LG GL-B201AMLN - Best refrigerator single door)

This fridge, manufactured by LG Company, has a capacity of 190 liters, which has five star ratings. It works without a stabilizer and also protects the fridge with voltage fluctuations. In it you can collect snow in a very short time, which is a great feature of it. It is a fridge that comes with anti-bacterial gasket which can be easily removed and cleaned and maintains sterile and fresh water in the refrigerator. The freezer door is made transparent. In this single door fridge of LG, Mosser has the ability to keep balanced. The fridge is also being provided with ice cream tray and egg tray. The shape of the egg tray is designed in such a way that, if you need, you can also add ice to it.

Samsung RR 19J21C3RJ - Single Door Refrigerator Review (Samsung RR19J21C3RJ Single Door Refrigerator Review in English)

This model of beautiful red color comes with the capacity of 192 liters which is extremely useful for cooling things quickly. In this, a suitable size of the vegetable box is provided for you, along with the back part is closed and without any external hanging wire, all the wiring inside it is packed inside which is anti-inflammable. Inside the freeze, glasses placed in racks are of very good quality, which have the capacity to bear the weight of up to 150 kg. A lot of space has been given to keep the big bottle. For this fridge, you do not need to put the stabilizer separately, the inbuilt stabilizer in it keeps the voltage fluctuations up to 100 to 300 volts. With antibacterial bacteria and anti-fungal gasket in this freeze, your things remain fresh and healthy for a long time.

Kenstar NH 163 (Best Single Door Fridge in India - Kenstar NH163BBR-FDA)

Best refrigerator single door in india - Excellent single door refrigerator, freeze review in English
Rivew King

If you are looking for a compact size fridge for a small family, then the center fridge can be useful to you. It is a 150 liter capacitor refrigerator that has three stars. Its specialty is its antibacterial gasket, which keeps things kept in the refrigerator as antibacterial. You can remove this gasket and clean it too. Apart from this, it is also one of the best single-door refrigerators in terms of power saving. In this you are given a 1 year guarantee in the refrigerator and 5 years for the compressor. There is no need to put separate stabilizers in it too.

Single Door Refrigerator Review in Hindi - Whirlpool 205 Genius Cls Plus 4S Direct-cool, Best Single Door Refrigerator

The black color made by Whirlpool Company is a single door with capacity of up to 190 liters. The freezer of this refrigerator works very well, which can cool off your things quickly, as well as ice-spanning time. In addition, with the help of inbuilt stabilizer, the side effect of voltage fluctuation can be avoided. Its shelves are made from the finest quality glasses which are much more than enough to withstand the load. The freezer's door has been transperant, apart from this, more space is given to keep the big bottles. This freeze got 4 star rating. The exterior part of the freeze is built in a very attractive and modern design, whose handle is upwards.

Videocon VC090 PSH-FDW / VC091 PSW-FDW (Videocon VC090PSH-FDW / VC091PSH-FDW Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator (80 Ltrs)

This compact size refrigerator of Videocon has a capacity of 80 liters. With an antibacterial gasket installed, its racks are made of strong wire which can be easily removed and applied. You can reduce or exceed the height of the rack according to your need. In order to keep things in a compact way, it is designed in a convenient way, an outer tray has been given to keep dry things like potato or onion. In it you can keep your vegetables and food items fresh with electricity saving. There is no need to put a separate stabilizer in it.

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